All eyes have been on Ferguson, Mo., since the death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown, who was shot by a police officer. Several rappers have voiced their outrage of the situation but rapper Game took it a step further and produced an all-star tribute song called 'Don't Shoot.'

The entire rap industry (well, almost) is on the stirring track, banding together in solidarity for the late Mike Brown. Rappers Diddy, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Fabolous, DJ Khaled, Swizz Beatz, Wale, Yo Gotti, Curren$y, Problem, King Pharaoh and the R&B supergroup TGT (Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank) appear on the song.

"I got keys to the city still left in the cold / Hands in the sky, still left in the road / Ribbon in the sky / Michael Brown another soul / Stole by the system black men we pay the toll," raps Rozay, adding, "Now we throwing molotov in this holocaust / I know they hate it when I say I'm a boss."

The topical song follows in the musical tradition of the classic New York 1989 tune 'Self Destruction' and the 1990 West Coast version 'We're All in the Same Gang.' Although not as infectious as those two songs, 'Don't Shoot' is still an admirable effort by Game and puts a spotlight on the problematic situation of race and policing in America.

"I managed to get everyone on fairly easy, simply because we have hearts," said the Compton rhymer. "We care and are inclined to take a positive approach to resolving an issue that has existed since the beginning of mankind and that's racism and hatred towards one another as human beings."

The all-star Michael Brown tribute 'Don't Shoot' is available on iTunes right now. Proceeds from the sale of the single will go to the Justice for Mike Brown GoFundMe charity account.

Listen to Game's 'Don't Shoot' Feat. Diddy, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Wale Problem & More