The GameThis morning, Compton-based rapper Game had to refute rampant rumors that he had been shot and killed on the night of June 20. A report of the shooting somehow hit Google Trends, spreading the news that the altercation took place in Los Angeles, outside of the Beverly Center mall around midnight. The vague anecdote was then copied by countless content aggregation websites across the Internet. It does seem that someone has figured out a way to hack Google's top trends list. In the past three days, stories with headlines such as "Justin Bieber is Pregnant" and "Oprah has Sixth Toe Removed" somehow appeared among the most printed news items on the popular search engine.

"Who ever started da rumor dat I was dead is funny as hell," said an obviously amused Game on Twitter. "If u gone spread rumors, b more creative. Say, I had a fight wit the 'Toy Story' cast or sumn & it turned fatal ha ha."

He then continued to have fun with the meme, pretending that he was posting status updates from his grave.

"As a matter of fact, I am dead," he wrote. "I'm the 1st n---- to grave tweet! 1st 400 bars, now tweetin from the grave... I tell you one thing though, you can't really get good reception down here in this coffin ... Damn T-Mobile!"

Oh, Game -- always a joker, even in death. His long-awaited 'The R.E.D. Album' is currently set to drop on August 24.