As Compton rapper Game prepares to finally release his long awaited 'The R.E.D. Album,' the controversial MC has dropped a visual for his Chris Brown-featuring single 'Pot of Gold.'

The Bryan Barber-helmed video begins with some oddly-placed b-roll of a pick-up basketball game, before cutting to a jean jacket-clad Brown, singing the song's wistful hook, while an introspective Game sits on his bed with one of his sons, reflecting on life's complexities.

"Sometimes I try to do good but I just can't be/ It's hard to get myself to do things that ain't me," Game raps. "I ain't a saint B, I ain't a god god/ I ain't an angel neither, but I try hard y'all."

Amid interspersed photos from his childhood, Game continues to take viewers through his inner journey, while in his front yard, his crew lifts weights, and a lone figure on the roof strums an acoustic guitar.

"The video is kinda walking back through the days when I didn't have anything, taking my son with me and showing him how we used to live," Game told Rap-Up TV, on the Los Angeles set.

The clip ends with a shot of Game and his sons sitting on their couch, looking peaceful, accompanied by a yearbook-style quote from the rapper, "Materialism lives outside the lines of my reality."

"You never grasp ahold of every coin in the pot, so you gotta take as much as you can," Game explained to MTV, regarding the song's concept. "To me, those coins are my family, my girl, my friends -- nothing materialistic."

Game's 'The R.E.D. Album' is in stores on August 23.

Watch Game's 'Pot of Gold' Featuring Chris Brown

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