A heckler learned not to throw bottles at Los Angeles rapper Game during a show in Oslo, Norway earlier this week.

The audience member apparently lobbed a bottle in the direction of the stage, while the 'How We Do' rapper was performing, and an infuriated Game stopped the music to administer a warning.

"Let me stay away from this, man," began the drama-prone MC, in a video posted by TMZ. "Let me tell you what we did to this n---- in London and s---. Next time you throw something, I'm a just ask somebody next to you who threw it, we gon' jump over there and we'll f--- you up, I put that on Piru."

Still able to see the offending party in the crowd, Game's temper flared, and he demanded that the venue turn the house lights up.

"You in the front? Yeah, you here right now, c'mon!" Game shouted, and dove into the crowd with two members of his crew. "Me and you, c'mon! You ain't so tough now, boy! I told you!"

Though Game quickly returned to the stage, as the crowd reacted in fear, his boys appeared to continue after the bottle-thrower. "See, stop throwin' s--- boy! Don't throw s--- at me man! West Side n----, lesson learned!"

Earlier this week, Game dropped off the video for his Lil Wayne and Tyler, The Creator-featured single 'Monsters vs. Goblins.' Check that out here.

Watch Game Confront a Heckler in Norway

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