Israeli Internet sensation Noy Alooshe has revealed that he has received death threats after lampooning a speech by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. The 31-year-old music journalist, who mashed up Gaddafi's infamous Tripoli speech with Pitbull and T-Pain's 'Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor),' has racked up over several million YouTube views for his humorous video clip, but some Gaddafi supporters apparently aren't laughing.

Despite creating a second version of his comedic video for conservative viewers, which omits the bikini-clad dancing woman in the foreground, Alooshe has received threats from Facebook and Twitter users, posting comments like "We will come to get you" and "We will come to kill you," as well as anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic remarks.

Thus far, Alooshe has taken the comments with a grain of salt, claiming they're just empty threats. Meanwhile, he claims to also have received positive responses from Muslims, stating that his video proves that "music connects people, even if they are enemies."

"It's about half and half," Alooshe explained. "At the moment they [the threats] remain on the internet...Also, Gaddafi is not one of the most loved people in the Arab world, so I try to flow with it."

Alooshe has created a ring-tone of his remix, which he says "gets downloaded nicely." In addition, he claims to have been contacted by an Iranian group, asking him to remix a revolutionary song.

Watch Noy Alooshe's Mashup Video

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