Right after Beyonce did a victory performance of her self-titled album at the 2014 MTV VMAs, G-Unit hit the Internet with a surprise release of its own. 'The Beauty of Independence,' the first official G-Unit release in six years, is available for purchase.

The six-track effort is straight new material with no features. It was reported that G-Unit was set to come with a mixtape and an album this fall, but there's no word on if 'The Beauty of Independence' counts as either.

Regardless, the EP is something fans have been anticipating since G-Unit reunited at Summer Jam earlier this summer. The group has followed up with a slew of remixes and their latest release was 'Ahhh S---' -- a tribute to the Ferguson situation.

Check out the track list for 'The Beauty of Independence' below & grab the project at iTunes here.

G-Unit's 'The Beauty of Independence' Tracklist

1. 'Watch Me' Produced by Havoc
2. 'I Don’t F--- With You' Produced by Lord Quest with dditional production by Ky Miller
3. 'Digital Scale' Produced by 45 Music
4. 'Dead A P---- N----' Produced by Ryan “Ryu” Alexy & D.K.A.D
5. 'Changes' Produced by Ryan “Ryu” Alexy
6. 'The Plug' Produced by Ryan “Ryu” Alexy