The mythical beast that is Future continues to flood the internet with more content. The rapper delivers the fourth clip of his five-part documentary, Like I Never Left, hours before the release of his third album, DS2.

So far, within the first three parts of the series, we've learned a lot about the normally quiet Future. For one, him and Ciara couldn't get on the same page musically or romantically. Two, he always knew in the back of his mind that "F--- Up Some Commas," was a bona fide smash. Lastly, the reason Future has been flooding the streets with such fire records is because he felt obligated to reassure his fans that he never lost his mojo.

This time around, we learn of Future's love for codeine. While some drink the liquid concoction for leisurely purposes, Hendrix uses it to sharpen his superpowers in the studio. "I'm just in a zone right now, so I just need to record 'cause everything that I feel, I feel like I'm connecting spiritually with everything that's going on so anytime I'm able to connect with it, I'm able to absorb it, I'm able to speak it," said Future.

"Music is feeling, and I got the feeling right now, everything is just happening for me in the best way possible, so I want to take advantage of this moment, and just record as much as possible, because everything that I'm doing, is just coming out and touching people's souls and just possessing."

Future also speaks on his big break with "Racks" and how his prowess as a songwriter is something he can't even grasp.

In addition to the documentary, the hypnotic song "Where Ya At" arrives featuring his touring buddy Drake. While Future ponders on the loyalty of his friends by repetitively asking, "Where ya ass was at," Drake delivers a volley of shots to his adversaries. "Where ya was at when we recorded in the bathroom / Where ya ass was at, I take attendance like a classroom," raps Drake.

The final part of his documentary airs tomorrow, and in less than 24 hours, DS2 will be available. Prepare yourself for the lyrical ride, #FutureHive.

Listen to Future's "Where Ya At" Feat. Drake

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