With no time to waste on the haters, Future teamed up with fellow Atlanta artists Young Scooter and P. Sonata for a new ATL track featured on DJ Dynamite and DJ Sequence's new mixtape, 'In Due Season.'Letting people know there's no room for nonsense, Atlanta's current VIP rapper wants to put the word out: "If you say f-ck me, n-gga you know it's f-ck you," with his new 'No Love For You,' record. Before the hook drops, a themed disclaimer says, "You got fake n-ggas, and you got n-ggas that keep it 1000," and Future has no problem reinforcing that mindset throughout the four-minute single.

As the MC spits over a beat that clearly came from nowhere else but Atlanta, his local cohort join him in saying forget the bullsh-t.