Newcomer Future recently dropped the visuals for his widespread anthem, 'Tony Montana,' and now the ATL native delivers a behind-the-scenes look at the activity involved in creating the video.

"The concept of the video, [it's] me going from Atlanta over to Santo Domingo, it was a robbery going on and I'm supposed to come over and see... like who was behind the schemes and who's all involved in the robbery," he tells The BoomBox. "I come over and meet the modern day 2011 Tony Montana. It's more of a movie than a video."

In the clip, director Jessy Terrero guides Future, who he dubs as the "hottest guy in the game," through the streets of the Dominican Republic. The team uses the authentic backdrop of the barrios and those residing in it to give the video that supports the Scarface-inspired track a genuine feel.

From parading through the city of Santo Domingo on dirt bikes to high speed car chases on flooded streets, Future is involved in it all.

The rhymer spoke with The BoomBox exclusively about his forthcoming album and his brand of "astronaut music." Read the interview here.

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