Rapper Future finally decided to shoot and release the video for "F--- Up Some Commas," arguably, one of the greatest songs he did after Honest. The visual doesn't involve much ballin' though. If anything, it shows that the process of f---ing up commas involves more pyromania than expected.

The Motion Family-directed clip has your product placement (shoutouts to Beats by Dre) and women playing with fire. Of course, Future had to throw some cash in the air.

"Fake n---- lie to a real n----, that's just some s--- that you don't do," Future says to preface the clip. There isn't too much here regarding the consequence of doing so, the video bases itself on excess. Lil Boosie, Young Scooter and Metro Boomin look like they're doing well for themselves in their cameo appearances.

And Future is doing just fine, too. The commercial disappointment of Honest was just a minor set back but he continued to bring the heat with his just-released mixtapes Beast Mode and 56 Nights. It doesn't look like he's slowing down either.

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