The ball keeps rolling for Future. The rapper continues the release of his five-part documentary, Like I Never Leftwith part three, which finds him opening up about his friendship and business relationship with DJ Esco.

Future reminiscences on his humble beginnings and how he and DJ Esco became good friends. "People didn't even know we were cool," explained Future, who watched Esco play his music at the legendary strip club Magic City in Atlanta.

"In 2009, we finally got together and we just decided that we were gonna do this together cuz he wanted to get out of the streets," said Esco, who hosts Future's 56 Nights mixtape.

According to both Future and Esco, their tight-knit relationship was something that they kept under wraps for a while. Friends of Future would call the rapper and revel in enjoyment about how Esco would play his records. Future would coyly play along, but, in reality, he and Esco knew the deal.

In addition to Esco and Future breaking down the history behind their friendship, we watch Future record some bangers in the studio. Let's just say that Future Hendrix has heat on his hands.

For fans anxiously waiting for the release of DS2, here's a little nugget to hold you over until then: the track list. The 18-track album has only one feature, which comes from Canada's own Drake. With Future adamant about proving himself to his fans, it seems as if he's going about it the right way. DS2 arrives July 17.

Check out the track list below.

Future's DS2 Track List

1. "Thought It Was a Drought"
2. "I Serve the Base"
3. "Where Ya At" feat. Drake
4. "Groupies"
5. "Lil One"
6. "Stick Talk"
7. "Freak Hoe"
8. "Rotation"
9. "Slave Master"
10. "Blow a Bag"
11. "Colossal"
12. "Rich $ex"
13. "Blood On The Money"
14. "Trap N----s"
15. "The Percocet & Stripper Joint"
16. "Real Sisters"
17. "Kno The Meaning"
18. "F--- Up Some Commas"

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