It's not very long, but it does give us a glimpse into a possible future hit for French Montana.

On Wednesday (July 9), the Bad Boy rapper released a snippet of a song featuring Kanye West on his Instagram account. The post begins with the camera panning down on a couple of multicolored diamond and gold necklaces resting on a mixing console. After that, you can see French standing in the background, as the camera moves and shifts around the studio.

As far as the actual song, you can immediately hear Kanye singing what could possibly be the song's hook. "If you ain't have good p---- n---- try some / If you ain't got no action n---- buy one," he sings using Auto-Tune.

And based on what the Bronx, N.Y.-bred rapper wrote as the caption for the video, the song is still being worked on. "Cooking up new Kanye x Montana prod. #foreign_tech, #bang #CB."

Looks like French Montana is prepping the follow-up to 2013's 'Excuse My French.'