Fetty Wap and French Montana are getting in on the joint mixtape wave as they release their collaborative effort, Coke Zoo, and a new video for their song "Freaky."

The 13-track tape includes features from some big names like Puff Daddy and Chris Brown. But, Montana's Coke Boys and Fetty Wap's Zoo Gang also get some shine.

The first track, aptly titled "First Time," kicks things off with a chill vibe as the Coke Boys leader describes the monumental moments in his life. "First time I heard Pac / Fell in love with rap / First time I blacked out / Seen my mama cry," he rhymes on the Mekanics and NAK47.

Breezy joins in on "Gangsta Way" as he lends his vocals for the chorus. The singer will also appear in the new visual for "Moses" as he's featured in preview at the beginning of the "Freaky" video. Migos are also slated to bring their heat to the French Montana track as well.

As for the "Freaky" visual, the French and Fetty head to a fitting spot -- a strip club -- as the "Pop That" rapper commands listeners to "go and bust it open with your freaky ass." Dollars fly around as the "My Way" rhymer also throws in his signature catchphrase "yeahh baby" a few times. The two also ride around on motorcycles in the Spiff TV Films-directed video.

Fetty Wap released his debut album, Fetty Wap, last month while French Montana is set to release Mac & Cheese: The Album before the end of the year. But for now, check out their video above and their mixtape below.

Listen to Fetty Wap & French Montana's Coke Zoo Mixtape

French Montana & Fetty Wap's Coke Zoo Track List

1. French Montana "First Time" Feat. Puff Daddy (Prod. by Mekanics & NAK47)
2. French Montana & Fetty Wap "Power (Prod. by Peoples)
3. French Montana & Fetty Wap "Freaky" Feat. Monty (Prod. by Mekanics)
4. French Montana & Fetty Wap "Whip It" Feat. Zack
5. French Montana "Last of the Real Ones" Feat. Zack
6. French Montana & Fetty Wap "Angel"
7. French Montana & Fetty Wap "Sometimes"
8. French Montana "Gangsta Way" Feat. Chris Brown
9. Fetty Wap "Damn Chain" Feat. Nitt Da Gritt
10. Jamaican Trainer Skit
11. Fetty Wap "My Squad" (Prod. by RGF)
12. French Montana "See Me" Feat. Lil Durk
13. French Montana "Concentration" (Prod. by Mekanics & MIXX)

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