It looks like Diddy rolled out the big bucks for French Montana's new "Dontchu" video, a song from his mixtape, Mac & Cheese 4: The Appetizer, which dropped last year.

With a full cast, big sweeping camera shots and a high-end look, the visual is more like a short film, complete with a twisting plot line for fans to follow.

Things open up with French putting fake blood on himself, which immediately gives you the idea that some sort of caper is being cooked up.

From there, the bad guys show up and discuss killing the Bad Boy rapper simply because he makes too much money. Of course there's a pretty lady in the visual, playing the role of an assassin. She tries to track Montana down inside a casino.

The rapper rocks an ankle-length fur coat and a black suit, while he puffs on expensive looking cigars. Things reach a boiling point when French, the bad guys and the lovely assassin come face-to-face. You'll have to check out what happens from there because we don't want to spoil the ending.

Overall, the Bronx, N.Y. spitter has delivered an eye-catching video and has clearly pulled out all the stops, however, the story line could use some tightening.

Watch French Montana meet his match above.

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