FreewayConsider a new chapter written in the current Roc-A-Fella family drama following the debut of Freeway's single 'Love is Battlefield' on Angela Yee's Shade 45 satellite radio show this morning (Dec. 2). Laying down his verses over a Pat Benetar sample, Freeway waxes poetic about his feelings toward Jay-Z, the current lyrical target of his former Roc comrade Beanie Sigel. Though his words are mild compared to Sigel's scathing attacks on his recent diss tracks, 'Average Cat' and 'Think Big,' Freeway makes it a point to take a quick jab at Hov.

"I ain't saying n----s left us in the 'hood, but we ate our little food, did the dishes, cleaned the plates up," Freeway rhymes. "You was eating steak while we was eating Steak-umm/ But I never complained/ Dapped you up and tipped the waiter."

When the Philly rapper phoned in to the station to talk about his new single, the hint of animosity in his lyrics didn't translate into conversation, instead he sufficed by saying that he had already had his hashing out with Jay. "I talked to him before all this stuff went on," he said. "But he's cool. I ain't got nothing against him."
Free went on to say that he understood why Jay has been hesitant in responding to Beanie's punches despite being called out several times. "I don't know, man. Knowing Jay, if it was anybody else, I'm sure he probably would have responded," he said. "But it's a touchy situation, being as though everybody was so tight at one point. So I don't know what he's gonna say." Free wrapped up by saying that despite the current contentions among old friends, things were all square between himself, Beanie and Memphis Bleek. He told listeners they could expect to hear the rest of his thoughts on the current Jay/Beanie feud on his upcoming album, 'The Stimulus Package' which is scheduled for an early 2010 release.