After being released from prison, legendary drug trafficker Freeway "Ricky Ross" went after the 'Teflon Don' rapper with his namesake in order to get his trademark moniker back. He sued Rick Ross, accusing him of stealing his name and identity in a some sort of conspiracy that also involved Def Jam and the label's then-president Jay-Z. Back in July, the case was dismissed because Freeway Rick was unable to show evidence or reasonable proof that he actually has a trademark on his nickname.

Now, Freeway is back in court and has appealed the decision by Judge Percy Anderson from the Ninth District Court in California. While he was technically rejected by a federal court, the former drug kingpin is now trying to gain victory in the state court system. While the previous suit was asking for damages in the ballpark of $10 million, it's unknown what Freeway, with a newly beefed-up legal team, is asking for this time around.

While incarcerated, Freeway Ricky did reach out to the rapping Rick Ross whose real name is William Roberts. He claims that he told Ross that he was a talented artist making very commercial music and should use his own name. Apparently, Freeway felt disrespected by the lack of response and changes, so he's now going after Roberts in an attempt to save his reputation.

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