Roc-a-Fella/Def Jam emcee Freeway has embarked on a campaign to flood the 'net with a 31 song blitz. The lyrical onslaught began Dec. 1 and will end on New Year's Eve. Christening the 31-track project, 'The Freeway Change,' the Philadelphia emcee aims to counteract a hip-hop culture he feels has "become more dependent on sales, marketing and imaging, rather than the quality and value of the music itself."

During each release, Freeway will closely monitor fan feedback and adjust his content accordingly. If successful, he plans to follow up with another "Month of Madness" or possibly a full length album. The songs can be downloaded at no charge each day from Free's own website, The first song to begin the campaign is titled "Month of Madness," and is available for download now.