Up-and-coming Louisiana rapper Fredo Bang was arrested in connection with a shooting and charged with attempted second degree murder on Sunday (Jan. 3).

According to the Advocate, Fredo, whose real name is Fredrick T. Givens II, allegedly got into an argument with the victim, which escalated into a fight on Nov. 18.

Him and another suspect pulled out handguns and began shooting at the victim. Police say that while both suspects were shooting at the victim and they also hit a car that was occupied. Luckily, no one in that car was hit with any stray bullets.

When Fredo and the other suspect attempted to flee the scene in the 19-year-old rapper's car, they hit another vehicle as they were driving away.

Along with the attempted second-degree murder charge, East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Department also charged Fredo with illegal use of a weapon and two counts of aggravated criminal damage to property.

Fredo's bail has been set at $7,000.

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