Yep. Still Livin. Thanks NYC.

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Rapper Freddie Gibbs narrowly escaped death after being shot at by an unknown gunman in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Monday (Nov. 3). The Indiana rhymer had just finished performing at Rough Trade NYC and was sitting in a SUV when the shooter ran up on the vehicle and fired several shots inside.

According to the New York Post, the shooter missed Gibbs but wounded two people in his entourage, hitting one in the hand and the other person in the leg. Both victims were rushed to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Gibbs ran out of the car and fled for safety inside Rough Trade once the gunman opened fire.

When asked why anyone would shoot at him, Gibbs responded, "They tried to kill Tupac. They tried to kill me. I’m still alive."

According to investigators, the gunman was apparently stalking Gibbs all night at the venue and even tried to blend in with his entourage.

"He [the shooter] was standing around you guys all night,” an investigator told Gibbs. “He was stalking you guys. We can tell on camera, he wanted it to look like he knew you, but it’s clear he didn’t. When you guys left, he was waiting for you outside."

Rough Trade doesn’t have metal detectors or check customers for weapons, so if the shooter wanted to assassinate Gibbs he could have done it while the rapper was performing onstage.

“At one point, he [the shooter] was standing right next to you,” the investigator told the rapper. “The opportunity was there if he wanted to shoot.”

Last night, Gibbs went on Instagram to inform his fans that he was safe and well. "Yep. Still Livin. Thanks NYC," he wrote.

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