Freddie Gibbs is taking his talents to the video game world. Grand Theft Auto V, in addition to featuring improved graphics and first-person mode, debuts new songs courtesy of Flying Lotus' in-game FyLo FM. One of them is Gibbs' new collaboration with Mike Dean, 'Sellin' Dope.'

Dean is a lauded producer, working with Kanye West on albums from 'The College Dropout' to 'Watch the Throne' and artists like Scarface, Geto Boys, Tupac and Tech N9ne, among others. Gibbs is aware of this. In an Instagram caption, the rapper shared his admiration for Dean and appreciation for the opportunity to work alongside him. "Not everyday u get to work with one of your heroes. I'm blessed cuz we got a lotta work. Stay tuned." That's good news; there's clear synergy between them.

The Tupac connections aren't just focused on the vocal similarities. Gibbs is visceral, but the rapid-fire musicality in his delivery often smooths the aggressive undertone. Madlib's psychedelic jazz on 'Pinata' had the same effect. That's not the case here; Dean's bass makes Gibbs' punches even more blunt.

"Y'all n----s better get some kneepads, n----s see the ski mask then you know it's me," Gibbs raps. It's a glimpse of what makes Gibbs' bars compelling: His mix of aggression, urgency and sobering matter-of-factness.

Experience their collabo below.

Listen to Freddie Gibbs' 'Sellin' Dope'

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