Boxer Floyd "Money" Mayweather has accused his artist Freck Billionaire of signing with his label, Philthy Rich Records, under false pretenses, and stealing from him.

"We were working with an artist named Freck Billionaire," Mayweather said in a recent interview. "When he came aboard we asked if he had any contracts and he said no. Come to find out he was signed with somebody. The guy was trying to sue us and Freck stole one of our watches and left. So we've been looking for Freck Billionaire but he's been ducking and dodging us. He stole a diamond watch and left."

Freck, who is a member of Fabolous' group Street Family with Red Cafe and Paul Cain, responded to Mayweather's allegations yesterday, claiming that the watch in question was a gift for signing with Philthy Rich. "Since you really at the bottom of your heart don't wanna see anyone around you with anything," Freck shot back, "I'll send a courier to you with my watch. Maybe you can use it to lure in your next victim."

Freck's manager, Animal Steele backs his artist's claims, explaining "The watch was a gift from Floyd to Freck. It symbolized the business arrangement that we were all heading into together. Floyd's out of control ego hindered any chance of success. We decided to weather through the storm and every time that Freck received any shine, all progress came to a screeching halt."

According to reports, a company from Long Island called Just for You Entertainment had intended to sue Mayweather for signing Freck, who they already had a contract with. While Mayweather often boasts about his financial success, he didn't seem particularly interested in ponying up the cash to free his artist from his situation with his previous label. "As far as the allegation of a prior commitment is concerned," Steele continued, "We all know that if Floyd had any true intentions of working on a Freck Billionaire project, his capital could've gotten to the bottom of any situation."

While Freck's situation with Mayweather is apparently done, Fabolous continues to support, featuring him on 'Loso's Way' alongside his fellow Street Family MC's, on a track entitled 'There He Go.'

"Once Floyd made it obvious that he didn't want Freck affiliated with Street Fam and more specifically Fabolous, the line was crossed," Steele said, explaining where Freck's loyalties lie. "It was Floyd's "Philthy Rich or die" attitude that forced us to make a move back east. After all it was Fab's guidance and leadership that put us on the map in the first place. At the end of the day our loyalty is to Street Fam and our personal relationship with Fabolous."