One of music's biggest storylines of 2016 consisted of the resurrection of Frank Ocean. After straying away from the limelight, Frankie returned in a big way when he released two projects in Endless and Blonde. With that being said, to punctuate his strong effort, you would have thought that Frank was Grammy ready, right? Well, that won't be the case as we prepare to enter 2017.

According to Billboard, neither album was submitted for consideration by Frank's record labels, management or other reps. Both albums were released well before the deadline, with Blonde, soaring to number one upon its arrival.

Frank's visual album, Endless was released through Def Jam, while Blonde was pushed by his independent label, Boys Don't Cry. During the 2013 Grammys, Frank made a huge splash by being nominated for five awards, and winning two, including Best Urban Contemporary Album for Channel Orange, and another for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, for the album track "No Church in the Wild," from Watch the Throne.

Talk about a bummer. Frank's hard-work will sadly not be recognized by The Grammy committee, but knowing him, he's probably all nonchalant about the whole thing, since he already has two.

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