It appears that the inspiration for Frank Ocean's 'Channel Orange' track 'Crack Rock' is could be even more realistic than first perceived according to his new interview with Oyster Magazine. Or maybe he's just messing with all of us.

On the second verse of 'Crack Rock,' Ocean sings "You're shucking and jiving, stealing and robbing/To get the fixing that you're itching for." While this, and the remainder of the lyrics, could have certainly been inspired by real life, few probably assumed it was the Odd Future crooner who supplied that fix.

In speaking with Oyster's Zac Bayly, Ocean said that he sold cocaine and crack "all the time" and added that he was a "thug." The interview took this turn after Ocean said he was bullied by a kid named Bailey in middle school. The singer added that he wasn't a bully himself and now he know what else he was doing during his formative years.

Maybe? It appears that Ocean could be pulling a fast one and/or messing with the interviewer, so it looks like we'll have to wait for a Tumblr update for some clarification. You can read the portion of the discussion below and peep the full piece at Oyster Mag.

What were you like in school?
I was a thug. I sold a lot of cocaine and crack.

You sold cocaine and crack?
All the time.