When what appeared to be a mysterious Apple live stream showed up on Frank Ocean's site late last night, fans went nuts. What was he going to do? Was his long-awaited Boys Don't Cry album finally going to drop, after Ocean teased the release date of late July came and went? Was Frank going to sing live?

Well, Fader reports that the "livesteam" is actually just a looped video directed by Francisco Soriano, who shot the video for Ocean's "Lost" back in 2013. At 5:46 a.m. the director posted, then later deleted, an screenshot on Instagram that read, "Video project I directed is now up and runnin."

How's that for a let down? Either way, check Frank's site to watch the loop. Who knows, this could just be the singer's way of teasing listeners before he finally drops his long-awaited full length.

Of course, everything Ocean does is shrouded in mystery. A month ago, a Reddit user discovered that the singer is working on a novel to go along with Boys Don't Cry while scouring through the JavaScript code of a press release on CalvinKlein.com. Ocean recently starred in an ad for Calvin Klein alongside Young Thug.

"He is known for being a perfectionist, and a pursuant of creativity in all forms," the press release said of Ocean. "He resists pressure and follows his own vision. He has published a magazine and worked on a novel while continuing to perfect his highly anticipated second album."

With the appearance of the loop on his site, who knows, an album may actually be coming sooner, rather than later.


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