Stop me if you've heard this one before.

Frank Ocean fans have been waiting, begging and pleading for the singer-songwriter to deliver his album Boys Don't Cry, and they may have gotten a glimpse as to when the highly-anticipated project will finally be released.

Ocean's website,, was updated yesterday (July 2) with a picture of an old-fashion library card, and it alludes to a possible July release date for the album. The card has many stamped dates, one marking July 2, through a time period of one year. The July 2 date is followed by other dates, some stamped and crossed out, and a final July 2016 stamp.

Fans believed that Boys Don't Cry would be released July 2015, but that obviously didn't happen.

So this cryptic message could mean that the wait is over, or it could mean that he's officially begun prepping the album. Or it could mean something else, entirely.

Ocean's Grammy Award-winning album Channel Orange was released four years ago. Last week, Twitter overreacted to images of Ocean in nurse's scrubs that began circulating online. The pics were from his 2011 "Thinking of You" video, but some assumed that he'd retired from music to pursue a career in the medical field. That obviously wasn't the case.

So here's hoping that this is finally an indicator of new Frank Ocean music of some kind--whether it's Boys Don't Care or some altogether different project.

Check out the library card pic below: