Earlier this month, GQ named Frank Ocean -- once a little-known songwriter and Odd Future affiliate who's emerged as one of R&B's hottest young stars -- Rookie of the Year in its annual Men of the Year issue.

Now the magazine has posted a video of the multi-talented crooner's photo shoot, and in the clip -- featured below -- he shows off some of the personality that makes his music so unique.

The video isn't even two minutes long, but responding to a series of interview questions, the creator of this year's acclaimed 'Nostalgia, Ultra' mixtape gets in some choice quotes about Kanye West, Jay-Z and the importance of vitamin supplements.

Asked to name the most valuable non-musical advice he received from Yeezy, with whom he collaborated on the 'Watch the Throne' album, Ocean singles out some of the Chicago rapper's fashion advice.

"You should always choose your sneakers wisely," Ocean says.

As for what musical tips he got from Jay-Z, he cites the Brooklyn hip-hop mogul's surprising lack of studio perfectionism.

"Less takes is sometimes more," Ocean responds.

Describing his everyday "non-photo-shoot" style -- i.e. what he wears when he's not strolling the grounds of a fancy L.A. mansion in a dapper black suit -- Ocean admits some might find him "bland and boring."

"But some people call that timeless, so I don't know," he says.

And finally, what's with that fondness for the color orange?

"I'm just trying to remind people to get their vitamin C," Ocean quips.

"Their supplements and s---," he adds, grinning as he catches himself cursing. "Sorry."

Besides posing for the pages of GQ, the Louisiana native took the stage in New York City earlier this week to perform a bevy of his hits, including a new song titled 'Disillusion.' Read the show review here.

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