Frank Ocean took a break from the studio -- where he's been holed up with everyone from Nas to Pharrell Williams recently -- and hopped in an orange NSX for his 'Acura Integurl' music video.

The car is a step up from the classic beater that appears on the cover to his mixtape, 'The Lonny Breaux Collection.' Clocking in at a total 64-songs, the first of which is 'Acura Integurl,' the tape could possibly rank among the longest to date. On the stripped down track, Ocean croons like he's a young R. Kelly in training, accompanied only by a piano in the background. Never shy to namecheck the music he's been listening, Ocean sings about listening to Lil Wayne, Radiohead and Coldplay.

In February, the emerging R&B singer/producer released the 'nostalgia, ULTRA' EP via his tumblr for free. The move was a shot at Def Jam, who singed Ocean last year, and will now re-release a suped up version of the album, complete with bonus tracks, later this summer.

Watch Frank Ocean's 'Acura Integurl'