Since Frank Ocean released the visuals for his love affair-inspired track 'Novacane' back in June, fans have been anxiously awaiting an equally mesmerizing follow-up video. Thursday (Sept. 15), the Odd Future affiliate debuted the clip for 'Thinking About You' and now, he delivers the scene for 'Swim Good,' a song off his 'Nostalgia, Ultra' mixtape.

As the Nabil Elderkin-directed video commences, Frank appears with a panda bear mask on over his face, eating popcorn -- which is utterly impossible due to the mask covering his mouth -- and staring at a blazing fire. However, what leads up to that moment is both intriguing and horrifying.

Before sitting in front of the blaze, the New Orleans native, decked out in a monk-like ensemble, is on a beach with a samurai sword in tow, and hops into his orange and black Lincoln town car. Ocean cruises down a winding road on a hillside then speeds into a wooded area full of narrow dirt pathways -- the man is on a mission to get somewhere, fast.

While on his way, he exits his ride to showcase his swordmanship in the middle of a clearing as images of a bombshell litter the screen. Could it be his current lover or an ex who did him dirty? Perhaps it's the latter as Frank Ocean does the unthinkable and faces his pretty lady in a room decorated with taxidermy bears, yet leaves without her. Check out what the charismatic crooner does before he takes a seat to watch his vehicle go up in flames.