Foxy Brown's Twitter rant regarding the release of her new track, 'You Ain't Ruff Enough,' may end up costing her $100,000. The Brooklyn rapper's manager, Bernadette Brennan, has decided to part ways with Brown, and is prepping a lawsuit for unpaid expenses including studio fees.

"It's always sad when an artist has everything they need at their fingertips but still displays such self-destructive behavior," Brennan, who plans on suing Brown for upwards of $100,000, told the New York Daily News. Despite only releasing one album in the past 10 years, sources revealed to the newspaper that Brown acts as if her star power is at the same level as a decade before, antics which appear to have been the last straw for Brennan. "I hope she gets the help she needs. I was one of the few people in her corner."

Brown is also burning bridges with New York City promoters, for failing to show up on time for performances. Most recently, the 32-year-old was a no show for her Christmas Eve event held at Brooklyn's Club Jelani. She was rumored to drop a diss track against Lil' Kim during the show. Brown apologized but blamed the no-show on a venue change saying "the confusion fell far beyond my control." Brown also revealed that she was "grieving the loss of someone special," but failed to elaborate.

Days later, Brown blasted Brennan as a fraud, accusing her and her associates, of releasing misinformation to the media regarding the track, which was to hit iTunes on New Year's Day. "I'm repped by the Marchands NOT Bernadette Brennan. NO single will be sold on itunes Jan 1st." She tweeted before promising to take legal action, "I will see all yall snake motherfuckers in court!!!"

Things weren't always so explosive between Brennan and Brown. Following an arrest for allegedly mooning her former neighbor last summer, Brown sought refuge at Brennan's Manhattan apartment. The incident violated a protective order filed against her by the neighbor, Arlene Raymond, and after refusing to accept a plea deal in the case, Brown will head to court to fight the charges. A trial date has been set for Feb. 7, if convicted she faces up a year in prison.

Watch Foxy Brown's 'Tables Will Turn'
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