Foxy Brown announced Thursday that she's launched a new official web site,, in order to keep in contact with her fans while she serves her time in the slammer. The incarcerated rapper was sentenced to one year in jail in September for violating probation. Brown, whose real name is Ingrid Marchand, was on probation after pleading guilty to misdemeanor assault charges stemming from an altercation with two manicurists in August 2004. The rapper continued her run of bad behavior and was arrested in February 2007 after allegedly throwing a bottle of hair glue at an employee in a Florida beauty salon. She was indicted on assault charges in August 2007 for allegedly throwing her cell phone at her neighbor in Brooklyn.

Despite her legal woes -- and rumors that she was three months pregnant at the time of her hearing -- Brown has been in relatively good spirits. "This is just a temporary situation," Brown said following her sentencing. "I made my bed and have no problem lying in it. My will is steady. What doesn't kill me will only make me stronger. I think there are greater injustices in that require our immediate attention, like what's going on in Jena, Louisiana. I will not surrender, I'm fine, free Jena Six!" clears up recent rumors that the former rap star had reached rock bottom and was dating a pimp via new tracks off her upcoming album, 'Brooklyn's Don Diva.' The first single, 'We Don't Surrender' featuring Queens underground MC, Grafh, is available now on iTunes.