While she continues to struggle to keep her wrap sheet clean, Foxy Brown wants to put her name to good use by becoming youth ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago. In The 31-year-old who is of Trinidadian decent, revealed in an interview with local publication Express Woman, that she is gunning for the position of US Youth Ambassador of the Caribbean island.

"Who else but me?" Foxy asserted. "I am a staunch supporter of American-Caribbean relations and my music targets the exact same demographic and genre of young people I want to stand up for."

Brown charges that she's "forged many political alliances" and is "well-versed, articulate and educated." While she does not delve into her vast arrest record or mention the amount of time she's spent behind bars, Brown has been struggling to get her career back on track in 2010. Her last jail stint ended in 2008 after eight months and time in solitary confinement stemming from a probation violation. Another run-in with the law followed that ended with the Brooklyn native allegedly showing her rear end to her neighbor.

"Beyond just having a vast amount of music industry experience," Brown conitnued, "I am a staunch believer in being the voice for our young Trinidadian people."

Up next for Brown, are plans to open a foundation for underprivileged teens, to release an auto-biography, and her long delayed double disk album 'Black Roses,' which will drop on Christmas Eve. "As a celebrity, you are a constant target," she added. "It's the gift and the curse! Now instead of allowing [other people's] actions to have power over my reactions, I've learned to control own my destiny. Never again will I let anyone cause me to jeopardize what I've worked so hard all my life for."