Foxy Brown teased listeners that her Lil' Kim diss track 'Massacre' would be released on Christmas Eve under the name 'Christmas Massacre.' After nearly a month of keeping the track under wraps, Fox Boogie has injected herself into the publicized beef between Kim and Nicki Minaj, taking shots at her longtime nemesis over the instrumental from Jay-Z's 'So Ghetto.'

"First the bitch want to hate on Foxy, 10 years later now, she hatin' Minajie," raps Foxy, taking shots at Kim's new group I.R.S. "Fuck the whole I.R.S. / Y'all niggas ain't killas."

The lyrical takedown, which has already left listeners scratching their heads over what exactly Fox is saying in her patois-tinged flow, threatens to put an end to the Queen Bee's reign. "Glass house, throwin' up stones / Bear witness to the rise and the fall of Ms. Kimberly Jones," she spits.

The beef between Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown has been in place for over a decade. Over the years, the two have released diss tracks towards one another, with Fox addressing their problems on her 1999 track "My Life" and Kim following with the aggressive title track from her 2000 album "Notorious K.I.M." Kim most recently set her sights on Nicki Minaj with the diss "Black Friday," for which she recently filmed a music video.

Listen to Foxy Brown's 'The Massacre'