Foxy Brown has provided an explanation for the recent drama she's experienced and is blaming an unconventional figure as the root of it all: the devil. The Brooklyn femcee took to her Twitter page to make the announcement.

"The Devil's at his busiest when ur bout' to get busy!" she wrote. "So I'm low, staying focused on the bigger sh-- in my life; like this new 'Black Roses' album!"

In the last couple of weeks, Brown has found herself in the news for the feisty behavior she's become known for. In late July, she was arrested for verbally assaulting and exposing her buttocks to her neighbor in Brooklyn. She was taken into custody for violating the protective order filed by her neighbor, Arlene Raymond, but was later released on $50,000 bail. She has since refuted the allegations, stating that Raymond could not have seen her underwear, like she claimed, because she wasn't wearing any.

"I couldn't have mooned Arlene Raymond because I wasn't wearing any underwear in a Sharon Stone kind of 'Basic Instinct' way," she told the New York Post. "She told the cops she'd seen my underwear -- but what underwear? I had been to visit my mother and was waiting outside for my boyfriend to pick me up, and she called the cops from inside her house. There was no fight. When the cops showed up I thought they wanted an autograph."

Days later it was reported that the rapper was involved in a heated argument in the lobby of her manager, Bernadette Brennan's Manhattan apartment. Brown was said to have thrown her BlackBerry at Brennan. The rapper claims the entire ordeal was also a misunderstanding.

"An argument started because my manager had booked us for two interviews but only gave us 20 minutes notice for hair and makeup," Brown stated. "My manager was yelling and screaming at my friend. It was a heated exchange between three friends. I never hit anyone."

Despite serving jail time back in 2007 for violating her parole, and publicly breaking down during a television interview with comedian Mo'Nique, Foxy is very much back to her old ways. Ironically, this new wave of bad publicity comes just in time for the release of her upcoming 'Black Roses' album. Hopefully she can stay out of trouble until its release.