Legacy The Jesus -- a former member of Ma$e's S.A.N.E. (Saving A Nation Endangered International) parish and owner of one of the strangest rap names conceivable -- is speaking out against the former Bad Boy with a vengeance. Now, one wouldn't be remiss to question any member of a church that would actually accept Ma$e as a pastor, but let's hear him out.

"It became a hustle for Ma$e after awhile, dog," said Legacy to Hip-Hop Wired. "Where he gauging who he would talk to based around how much they were giving. That's a problem for me... Ma$e, he owe the church an apology... He can't do music and the church because he start messing up when he does both."

Legacy continues on to call Ma$e a "false prophet" - a significantly harsher critique than any rapper has dealt. Apparently, instead of following through on promises to the church, Ma$e groveled to his original fan base and lacked the strength to carry out his original mission from God.

"You can't tell me 'Hey man, be faithful to your wife and I'm your pastor,' but I see you in the strip club with five hos on your lap and you're high," said Legacy The Jesus. "That's a false prophet. You're not living by what you're saying and people can take that out of context and that is what it is. I don't expect Ma$e to be perfect, but I definitely expect him to live by what he's saying. You can't go out there doing that bro because people get deceived."

The entire interview is pretty crazy. Head over to Hip-Hop Wired and check it out.