Thanks to DJ Carnage and Carnage TV, Kanye fans can have a (very) brief glimpse at one of the super-producer/rapper's recording sessions in Hawaii. Some might wonder why this footage is so "rare" and/or special, but following the now infamous "I'mma let you finish" incident, footage of Kanye has been few and far between ... mostly because he's been holed up in the Hawaii studio. In the video, Kanye and his blond bald lady Amber Rose appear in front of the boards while he plays around with a beat. Kanye seems to be reworking a piece of the song 'Popular' from the musical 'Wicked.' We can't wait if to hear if this track actually makes it on his upcoming album 'Good Ass Job,' which is due in September (fingers crossed). Check out the footage after the jump.

Additional reporting by Spycase.