Floyd Mayweather and Rick Ross

Floyd Mayweather is calling for a truce in his ongoing beef between with rapper Rick Ross. Even though the boxer could probably pillage Ross in the ring, when it comes to verbal jabs ... not so much.

As previously reported, Ross recently hit up Big Tigger's WPGC/Baltimore radio show, where he called Mayweather a "girl," and sarcastically wished him "all the best."

Despite those comments, Mayweather is taking the high road. "I just think that when you are on a certain level, you just let things go by," he said in an interview. "I'm a fighter. That's what I do. I'm into contact. He's a rapper. That's what he [does]. The thing I'm [going to] do is stay in my lane and let him stay in his lane. Sometimes when you're here in life," Mayweather said raising his hand, "You can't worry about things that's here [beneath him]."

Yet just when Mayweather sounded sincere, he took another shot at Ross."Rick Ross is a fan of Floyd Mayweather," he said. "Rick Ross was at the Ricky Hatton fight so he paid money to see me. It's like on pay-per-view: if you paid to see me win you paid to see me lose ... you still paid. So I appreciate the donation from Rick Ross."

Ross brought lyrical heat to his beef with Mayweather by way of the remix to his song 'War' titled where he clearly warned the boxer. "Bow down like you should before you're a--/ Bow down for good," Ross raps. "Can't run forever, Haitians will come and cut off your foot/ It's dirty down South, we riding by your mama house/ I'm fighting not to do it, d--- sucker running for his mouth/ Fighting for your life, that's a title bout/I'd watch it on the news, give me something to write about."

Mayweather originally threw fuel in Ross' fire by mentioning the Miami-based rappers past as a correction officer. "One minute he said he wasn't a CO or cop, next minute he is. He can learn how to get money from me. if he's a cop and rapping about selling drugs, I guess he was a dirty cop!"

Since we're on the subject, lets hope Mayweather stays in his lane and doesn't follow through with his musical aspirations.