Kodak Black just received some serious hometown love.

WSVN reports that a man was arrested on Tuesday (Oct. 18) after allegedly breaking into a lobby area outside of a law office in the Kendall neighborhood in Miami and vandalizing the space. However, the man, whose identity wasn't released, yelled "Free Kodak Black!" upon being arrested. He also loudly accused presidential candidate Hillary Clinton of being a thief.

Basically, people are really supporting the young rapper. In addition to "free Kodak Black" t-shirts being sold, the 19 year-old rapper also just dropped a song from behind bars, featuring an introspective verse.  He's still in St. Lucie Country jail serving a 120-day sentence and is expected to be released from jail on November 30 but he also has a pending sexual assault charges, so it’s unclear whether or not he’ll actually be released then.



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