A 24-year-old gang recruiter in Florida was sentenced to a year in prison for posting an online rap video in an effort to enlist new members to his Polk County gang.

Named Santana Perez, the gangster was sentenced yesterday as part of a new state initiative entitled 'Operation Rap It Up.' Perez was the first bust by authorities under the new law, which makes it illegal to promote gang activity in a public forum.

Perez, knowing he was down for the count, pled guilty to a slew of charges. The most serious were "using electronic communication to further gang activity" as well as "gang recruiting." As part of the sentence, Perez will be legally required to cover up his tattoos while in public and is not allowed to have any contact with known gang members.

The Circuit Judge Karla F. Wright also added a sentence of two years house arrest with GPS monitoring to be served after Perez's jail sentence is up. Whether it's using illegal firearms in your videos or recruiting for gang activity, be careful out there, rappers.