FLo RidaIt's been over 60 days since the BP oil spill began and as the crude continues to fill the gulf, rapper Flo Rida is speaking out about the tragedy that is now also plaguing his home state.

"I'm definitely not pleased with it," he told The BoomBox. "I'm pretty sure the president is looking forward to coming up with a solution but we all need to stick together and try to come up with a plan because it's all about the environment. I look forward to putting in whatever work I can because I think itís a dangerous thing."

The ongoing spill, resulting from a drilling rig explosion killing 11 platform workers in April, is the largest in U.S. history. Millions of gallons of oil continue to gush into the Gulf of Mexico killing wildlife, muddling beaches and costing Louisiana and Florida revenue usually received from tourism and seafood sales. As of June 28, BP has removed 28,000,000 gallons of oil from the gulf and is being held solely responsible by the U.S. government for the disaster.