Looks like Flo Rida has skated 'Right Round' his DUI charge, striking a deal with prosecutors that will put him in a classroom rather than the jailhouse, after his Bugatti-related DUI arrest in June.

According to TMZ
, Flo Rida, born Tramar Dillard, will be allowed to take part in a first-time offenders program instead of serving jail time for his DUI. The rapper was pulled over in Miami, swerving behind the wheel of his $1.7 million red-and-black 2008 Bugatti with a blood alcohol level of .185, more than twice the legal limit.

The Florida native will be taking participating in Back on Track, a program which includes substance abuse classes, counseling, community service, mandatory drug testing and requires that he keep an ignition interlock device on his car.

If Flo fulfills the necessary requirements, his DUI charge will be knocked down to reckless driving, despite the fact that he had also been driving with a suspended license.

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