For those who just can't get enough of Public Enemy's clock-wearing hypeman, MyNetworkTV has tapped the rapper-turned-TV personality for a new sitcom entitled 'Under One Roof.' Flavor Flav will play an ex-convict who moves in with his wealthy, conservative brother in the 'Odd Couple'/'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'-type comedy series.

"I am real excited about my new sitcom 'Under one Roof,'" Flav said in a statement. "I want to thank MyNetworkTV for believing in your boy because we are about to blow this out of the water. I am about to take MyNetworkTV and make it MY network."

The comedy series is set to air this Spring. In the meantime, Flav fans can check out the rapper's third quest for love on VH1's 'Flavor of Love 3,' premiering February 11.