More than thirteen years since Public Enemy leader Chuck D penned his autobiography, the group's hype-man Flavor Flav is following suit. The iconic jokester and reality star is getting into the memoir game with a new tome entitled 'An Icon.' Slated to hit stores on March 1 via Farrah Gray Books, the text will join new works by Jay-Z, Q-Tip, Prodigy, Benzino and Ice-T in the budding hip-hop memoir genre.

The book certainly has tons of material to cover. Public Enemy was nothing short of a public sensation upon emerging in the late '80s as both the most political and experimental hip-hop group of its era. Backing up Chuck D, Flav defined the role of the modern hype-man, cracking jokes and making sure the crowd kept its energy at peak levels.

After Public Enemy's popularity plummeted in the early '90s after the rise of West Coast gangster rap and hardcore East Coast acts such as Wu-Tang Clan, Flav mostly disappeared from the public eye. He emerged throughout the last decade as a warped reality star in a series of VH1 shows that should also provide some excellent memoir fodder. His hit show 'Flavor of Love' also formed the title for his first solo effort in 2006.

The book is currently available for preorder from Amazon.

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