Flavor Flav is launching a line of flavored liquors, and it sounds awesome. "Yo, check this out. I want you all to keep on the lookout -- it should be on the shelves by January -- I'm launching a thing called 'Le Flav Spirits,'" Flavor Flav explained. "I'm comin' out with a cherry vodka, a berry vodka, an olive vodka, a sweet tea vodka, a bubblegum vodka and grape vodka. Also, I'm comin' out with 'Le Flav Cognac' and 'Chateaux Le Flav' which'll be some bubbly. Champagne, that's right folks -- Poppin'n'drinkin!'" How can this possibly be bad. [TheQuietus]

T.I.'s wife Tiny recently discussed the early years of her relationship with the incarcerated rapper, saying she played hard to get and even stood him up a couple of times. "T.I. always says I gave him such a hard time when we first met and I did...I stood him up a couple times. When I met him, I was kinda on hiatus, I'd broken from Xscape, but I had co-wrote the song "No Scrubs" for TLC, so you know, I was living good and doing my thing...He was calling me and calling me, wanting to come hook up and I'd be like, 'Yeah, we gon...let's hook up, such and such' and then I wouldn't answer the phone and he'd be like, 'You know time after time.'" All that changed, however, when she went to a show and realized he was kind of a big deal. "It was jam-packed outside, it was crazy and I'm like, 'All these people here for this guy?' We went in there and he tore the house down. And I was like, 'OK, I think I like him.'" [SOHH]