Flavor FlavPublic Enemy rapper and reality show star Flavor Flav allegedly owes over $63K in child support.

A New York court claims that Flav, who recently starred in the reality show 'Strange Love,' owes Mary Parker, with whom he has three children, $63,458 in back child support.

Until Parker was able to amend their agreement, which was originally made in 1996, Flav was previously paying $117 a month. The Public Enemy hype-man is now required to pay $837.72, along with private school tuition fees, prorated from 2008, when Parker initially filed her amendment.

Flav made a statement to the New York Post, contesting the court's decision. "The judgment is recent as I was just made aware of it. I'll certainly be addressing it," he said. "However, I've made payments on my children's tuition, and have made direct payment to the mother outside of the court order."

This is not the first time Flav has been accused of failing to adequately support his children; his daughter made similar claims in January, 2009, and another woman with whom he has three kids, Karen Ross-Fortunate, has also made similar allegations.

Flav, who is about to be 51, had his seventh child in 2007. Don't believe the hype.