If your idea of a good drive includes having "Yeah, boyee" and "Bass for your face" screamed from your GPS, then we have the perfect holiday gift for you. Public Enemy hype man-turned-reality pariah Flavor Flav is the next celebrity to provide his voice for the GPS treatment. His downloadable package is now available through a company called NavTones and works with all Garmin and TomTom portable navigation devices. Flav, like Snoop Dogg before him, can now guide all your turns, give you directions and is actually the first voice to be granted full immunity for bad language.

"Along with possessing an instantly recognizable voice and larger than life personality, Flavor Flav is a founding father of hip-hop and urban pioneer," says Will Andrew, CEO of Wanderlust Media, which owns NavTones. "He's a natural fit for our NavTones brand of GPS voices, and we're stoked to be able to put Flav out there to millions of drivers around the world."

The download, which is available from both NavTones and Amazon, costs $9.95 and also features a series of animated videos like Flav's "Top Ten Driving Tips" to motorists that are being followed by the law.

Flavor Flav GPS Driving Tips