During a trip to Las Vegas this past weekend, Flavor Flav found himself behind bars after being pulled over for a routine traffic violation.

TMZ reports that Vegas police stopped the former Public Enemy hypeman around 11PM on Friday night (April 29) for a traffic violation and proceeded to arrest him after finding that the 52-year-old had four outstanding warrants for previous offenses.

His prior transgressions included a parking violation, driving without proof of insurance and two cases of driving without a license. Flav was arrested, taken to a nearby jail and later released but his traffic violations are no new phenomenon. In 2002, the reality TV star spent over two months in New York's Rikers Island jail facility for unpaid parking tickets, driving with a suspended license and failing to report for probation.

In late March, Flav was forced to pull the plug on his Iowa fried chicken restaurant, which had opened only three months earlier in January. Although Flav claimed that the management was not up to his standards, his partner Nick Cimino accused him of not being hands-on in the eatery's business.

Not one to be deterred by failure, Flavor Flav's latest business venture is reportedly another restaurant, Flavor Flav's House of Flavor, which he hopes to open in Las Vegas in the coming months. Let's just hope he can stay out of jail in the meantime.

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