The Flatbush Zombies have announced they would be releasing a new EP later this year, but the Brooklyn trio are holding fans over with a new weekly series called 'Day of the Dead'. The Beast Coast group offers up their second entry into the series with 'Get Yours' featuring singer Diamante.

Like most of their work, this latest Flatbush Zombies cut is produced by group member Erick "Arc" Elliott. But this time around, the familiar voice of Meechy Darko is missing. Luckily, Elliott and Zombie Juice do a fine job handling the rhymes on this one.

Zombie Juice raps, "A hero, destiny, I'll be on my soon / together we can bloom, one off to the moon / it's not whatcha thankin' / I ain't my mom's a spankin' / anxious, impatient, taught myself how to face it / to the brothers, and the sisters, no wishlist, no Christmas / just a witness, of a vicious, abusiveness system."

The Flatbush Zombies will continue to release weekly tracks as part of the 'Day of the Dead' series as they prep for the release of their 'It's All a Matter of Perspective' EP.

Listen to Flatbush Zombies' 'Get Yours'