British singer FKA Twigs dropped 'Pendulum' last summer, and now she's finally brought us a visual to go with the pulsating track.

While the video looks pretty simplistic with a plain background and the scantily-clad songstress in every shot, the camera soon pans out to reveal that she's actually in an awkward position and tied up by her hair. FKA is performing Kinba, a Japanese style of rope bondage, and since she is a classically trained dancer, she's able to contort her body into so many different positions yet still keep a relaxed face.

She struggles with her rope-like hair and then we see her melt into a metallic substance. Twigs dons a superhero outfit and breaks it down with a heavy dance. The shock factor of the visual is lost, but leaves us with room to really appreciate the creativity that she puts into every performance -- whether it be on stage or screen.

'Pendulum' is off her album debut, 'LP1,' which earned a spot on our Best R&B Albums of 2014 list.

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