Dr Dre's long-delayed album 'Detox' looks like it may finally be seeing the light of day, albeit via unconventional means.

The first official song from the album appears in a new Dr. Pepper commercial, as part of a campaign for the soda called 'Trust Me, I'm A Doctor.' While the instrumental only plays for a few seconds, people will recognize it as 'S--- Popped Off,' a reference track T.I. wrote for Dre, which leaked earlier this year.

"Scientific tests prove when you drink Dr. Pepper slow, the 23 flavors taste even better. For me, slow always produces a hit," Dre says in the ad, while swaggering through an L.A. party, wearing a motorcycle jacket. He then slows down the record by setting a can of the soda on the record, throws on his "Beats" headphones, plays a few seconds of 'S--- Popped Off' instrumental, and the crowd goes nuts.

As for 'Detox,' DJ Quik said that Dre has recorded almost 400 songs, of which he'd claims to have heard 60. Dre has been rumored to be taking piano lessons from Burt Bacharach, reinterpreting a song by Chopin for the album, which is said to feature everyone from Drake and Lil Wayne to Nas, Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Eminem.

Thus far several songs have leaked besides 'S--- Popped Off,' including 'Topless,' featuring T.I. and Nas, 'It Could've Been You' with 50 and R.Kelly, and 'This is Detox' with T.I. and Kobe.

'Detox' will be in stores some day. Til then, check the commercial below, which will air June 1st.