DMXAfter making a last minute and ill-informed decision to back out of an MMA boxing match originally scheduled for Dec. 12, DMX has set himself up for a full round of legal throw downs. The Yonkers, NY native was set to square off in a match dubbed the "Alabama Pride," against musician/MMA fighter Eric Martinez in Birmingham, Ala., until a sudden change of heart prompted him to pull out of his contract. Following his decision to remove himself from the fight, Thunder Promotions filed a $1 million lawsuit against the rapper on Nov. 20, claiming that his flakiness had cost them hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Now, Thunder Promotions is alleging that in addition to skipping out on the fight, DMX also refuses to return the $6,000 deposit he received for the event. In their court documents, promoters accuse DMX's Built For War management company of breaking contractual agreements, saying that the rapper backed out of the fight a little more than seven days after receiving the deposit. DMX's decision to abandon the martial arts fight came when he learned that the event would not be fixed in his favor.

Thunder Promotions has called Built for War a "sham company without capital, assets, stock or stock holders," and seeks damages of $ 1 million dollars in addition to court costs and attorney fees.

Coolio has stepped in to replace DMX in the 'Alabama Pride' match, still scheduled for Dec. 12 against Eric Martinez.